Design Principles

Heinz and Ninth design board

Heinz and Ninth is the crossing of two streets in Berkeley California where Rosie and Stephanie met. A crossing symbolizes so much more than simply these two streets though. For Heinz and Ninth, it's the crossing / blending of Europe where we both are from, and California, where we now call home.



We believe that European design is about being brave, not being afraid of simplicity. It's comfortable using deep layering tones and textures, almost an oil painting quality. Attention to every detail is critical and there is a feeling that the simplest things can be the most beautiful. We believe in this wholeheartedly!

Blending this with that gorgeous relaxed Californian vibe. Vast blue, sometimes foggy, hazy skies, that warm sunshine. Things feel big here compared to Europe, big and relaxed and to top all this we live in this extra special part of California which is San San Francisco.

San Francisco is iconic for its music scene in the 70's, there is a certain "Je ne sais quoi" to this beautiful city which blends perfectly with its colourful relaxed vibe.



We have chosen to work with combining beautiful quality rich velvets, deep in colour and varying tones. Gorgeous Linens from Belgium, England and Ireland. We have sourced Vintage 70's floral prints from Sweden and Denmark, gorgeous tweeds made in the Isle of Harris, Scotland...and this is just the beginning!

The sizing of our pillows have been inspired by the relaxed Californian feeling, we have gone big! Big, comfortable, beautiful to the touch as well as to the eye. They are versatile across all areas of the home, they can be enjoyed on the sofa, on beds, on the floor, the options feel limitless!

We have had our own patterns carefully crafted especially for Heinz and Ninth with meticulous attention to detail. Our pillows are sewn in San Francisco and all internal seems are bound with a beautiful binding which we have had made to compliment our brand coloring. Friends have likened this to wearing beautiful underwear, you don't see this but it makes you feel wonderful.

Our high quality down/feather inserts have been made for us in LA, all slightly less full than traditional inserts to give a more comfortable relaxed feel. Last but not least, our beautiful labels have been woven in the U.K.

A true European / Californian blend. 

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