Rosie + Stephanie

When you speak to Rosie and Stephanie about Heinz and Ninth laughter permeates everything they say – laughter, love for life, contagious enthusiasm, and an unwavering passion for what they are doing. 


Named after a chance encounter at a local crossroads, Heinz and Ninth blends European style with a relaxed Californian vibe to create simple, timeless and elegant pillows for your home.

This crossroads was not only the MEETING PLACE for these two talented women but also a representation of where they were in their lives – each with different backgrounds (both professionally and geographically) yet a shared love of home and design. They were both ready to take a new path, forge a new beginning, and bring together their different yet complimentary skills in a refreshing and exciting way.



Stephanie comes from Provence, France via New York + Brooklyn. Rosie comes from Liverpool, England via Brussels Belgium. Both women now call San Francisco home. This global nature to their life experience feeds into their approach to design. Without the physical roots of place and people nearby, you need to redefine 'putting down roots'.

Our roots are our homes, and friends become family. Shared experiences centered around our homes become treasured memories. The things that surround us in our homes become more meaningful, that sofa you have sat on and watched your kids grow up on in varying countries becomes almost part of your family and part of your history.

This is why it's so integral to Heinz and Ninth that their designs are TIMELESS, of BEAUTIFUL QUALITY and can be BLENDED to show the personality of each and every family they belong to.



Rosie + Stephanie believe that a pillow is much more than a detail or an accessory in a home. A pillow is an essential piece of the home: it has the power to create this settled/grounded feeling of warmth and security. Deeply and slowly bringing a soul to a home.

Rosie and Stephanie decided to start their HOME DECORATION BRAND with a collection of pillows. Getting pillows right before expanding to other areas, this is what we are about… Creating pieces which are timeless and blend all the wonderful qualities of European Design and the Californian vibe.

With this passion and belief in what they wanted to create, Rosie and Stephanie combined their professional backgrounds of textile and interior designer (Rosie) and marketing and business professional (Stephanie) to make this dream a reality.


Portrait by Laura Sharp Fisher

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